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Nestled in the heart of Belfast, boasting one of Belfast's largest outdoor dining experiences. 2Taps is the perfect place to meet, relax, share food and soak up the atmosphere

To Our Beloved Guests, Following up on our last statement, we would like to make a brief announcement to all our patrons, friends and extended family.

Having decided to close temporarily while we underwent full decontamination throughout the restaurant and test screening of staff for COVID-19, we can confirm now that the majority of our entire team have received negative test results, but unfortunately a small number have tested positive.

In light of this, with deep regret we have decided to extend our closure in order to allow all staff to follow a recommended full period of self-isolation lasting 14-days, so that we can keep the public safe, but equally as important so that we can return as a whole team together.

We would like to apologise to everyone with upcoming bookings this will affect, and also confess that we are just as devastated at having to disrupt the plans of others as we are at our own lives disrupted, but it is the right thing to do.

If you have any queries about rescheduling reservations, you can reach us by email: info@2taps-winebar.com we will try to respond to everyone as quickly as we can.

Stay safe,

2Taps Team

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